Welcome to the 2019 CFG Photo Competition

The 2020 CFG Calendar will contain the winning photos, along with the names of the  fungi and the photographers. Calendars can be ordered following the photo competition.

Submit your photos and view the photo gallery

Voting Rules

  • Voting opens on 1st October 2019, and closes on 1st November 2019.
  • You can vote for up to 10 photos by clicking on the star on each photo. Please choose wisely as votes cannot be undone.
  • Anybody associated with the CFG can vote, this includes CFG members, CFG Facebook Group & CFG Associates.
  • Please do not vote for your own entries.

Winning Rules

  • The winning photos will be those with the most votes on 1st November 2019.
  • The top placed CFG member will win a Colour-Bright Mug showing their Design, Name & CFG Logo plus a Free Calendar.
  • The top voted photos will be used for the CFG calendar.