We are a thriving, well supported group of fungi enthusiasts covering East Gloucestershire and the Northern end of Wiltshire. We have one of the largest memberships of any fungi group in the UK.
What We Do

A fungi foray can be great fun, usually involving a good walk, a good chat, and a good lunch, as well as being educational.

There is also a serious side to what we do and why we do it.

The primary purpose of the group is the identification and recording of fungi, in order to produce an inventory of the woodland site for the management authority and for addition of the data to the national records databases held by the British Mycological Society and the Association of British Fungus Groups. This data is critical in mapping the presence of fungi species throughout the UK and in highlighting potential decline or increase in certain species. It can bring to light rare and threatened species that may require preservation action, newly discovered species and even ones that may now be extinct.

The second important purpose of the group is education, through group forays, talks at schools and universities, presentations and lead walks for various naturalist societies, and collaboration with Wildlife Trusts etc. Fungi are generally little understood but bodies such as the BMS, ABFG, and groups such as ours, hope to change that. As well as their importance to life, fungi are also just plain fascinating once you learn a little about them!

The third, and often unstated, purpose of the group is to ensure that those involved have fun. Everybody learns more, and buys into what they enjoy. There’s no reason why important aims can’t also make you smile.

On a serious note, forays only take place with the landowners permission. We therefore respect both their wishes and the principles of the countryside code. By attending a Cotswold Fungus Group foray you will be signalling your agreement to abide by these codes and guidance.