Please DO NOT pass on or copy the Cotswold Fungus Group foray list to other individuals, the press, or local wildlife groups without the permission of the chairman or secretary.

Our Public Liability Insurance policy covers paid-up members of CFG and a limited number of guests. Friends visiting you for the weekend are welcome to come along to our forays, but please let the secretary or chairman have their names in advance, in case there is any issue with our insurers if there is an accident or claim on our insurance policy.

All forays are undertaken according to the nationally agreed guidelines in the leaflet entitled “The Wild Mushroom Picker’s Code of Conduct” laid out by the British Mycological Society and published by English Nature. Your attention is drawn to the Drugs Act of 2005 (Part 4, Section 21) and the BMS’s publication “Collecting & Recording Fungi – Appendix 12: Guidelines for field mycologists: the practical interpretation of Section 21 of the Drugs Act 2005”.

Note that the commercial selling of fungi within the UK is illegal and, as such, the selling of any fungi collected from the Cotswold area is strictly forbidden.

Cotswold Fungus Group WILL NOT give advice on the edibility of fungi but will assist you in improving your own fungi identification skills. Those wishing to consume any fungi should not do so until absolutely certain that they have correctly identified the fungi to be consumed. Members and their visitors should be aware that certain species that are commonly regarded as edible may upset some people. Care should always be taken in selecting and preparing edible fungi, choose only fresh specimens. If there is the slightest doubt over the identity of the specimen, do not consume it. If trying a new species for the first time, eat only a little until you are sure that you like it, and it likes you. Always retain a specimen in the fridge in case of need for further identification.

Membership is conditional on acceptance of all of the above.
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